The Business of Xocai Chocolate

Are you a passionate chocolate lover?

Do you find yourself craving the delectable flavor of chocolate and the comforting and sensual feeling that comes over you when you indulge?

You are not alone!

It has been estimated that 9 out of 10 people crave it and 50% of the population say they cannot live without it.

chocolate lover

With such a HUGE demand for this highly consumable product you can see how it can develop into a multi-billion dollar industry very quickly … and satisfyingly.

Now, if we add to the consumers need for chocolate a HEALTHY aspect, how LARGE and how QUICKLY do you think the potential for business growth now becomes?

Yes, a rich and decadent dark chocolate that satisfies the palates of the most discerning of chocolate connoisseurs with the added bonus of being healthy as well!

You just can’t lose with a combination like that can you!

So, introduce Xocai healthy chocolate to your friends and family … they will love it and love you for sharing it with them!

What are some chocolate facts to help you see that the chocolate business is escalating at a phenomenal rate, thus making it a fantastic business opportunity …

• 99% of people like chocolate

• 90% actually crave chocolate

• 50% say they can't live without it

• Chocolate is the most craved food on the planet

Video - Perfect Timing
Perfect Timing

Chocolate, especially ‘healthy chocolate’ is being toted by various business sources and the media as being the next big trend to hit the consumer market and business industry!

MXI is very fortunate to be at the forefront of one of this most exciting health and business trend, being in the right place, with the right product and the right time.

Here are just two exciting statistics about dark chocolate and the business potential it has for those who want to be on the leading edge of the business wave. ProductScan, a top-rated trend-tracking organization, makes mention that the top four trends for health and wellness products are:

• Chocolate

• Acai Berry

• Omega Fatty Acids

• Antioxidants

And the Xocai products fit all four of these categories! How exciting and cutting-edge is that?

Now you may be saying to yourself …

There are lots of companies with lots of different chocolate and have been for years. So how can I possibly see a business opportunity in promoting and selling chocolate?

Good question! And the answer is … Xocai chocolate is NOT your average chocolate as is mentioned on other pages on the site. Their chocolate is not ‘just’ chocolate … but a uniquely processed non-processed cacao that is blended with their proprietary formulation of Acai berry, blueberry and low-glycemic sweeteners, to make it unique and healthy and great tasting all at the same time!

Yes, MXI's proprietary, patented "cold-press" process provides a unique advantage in the marketplace. No one else in the marketplace has what they have ... not even close.

Perhaps the most powerful piece of the MXI/Xocai business opportunity is the fact that in introducing ‘healthy chocolate’ to people we are really helping people and can dramatically help to change lives, for the better! Besides since most everyone on the planet loves chocolate it is a tasty and easy subject to talk about.

And since this is a product that is extremely renewable and exceedingly sought after by men, women, and children alike, the market will always
be there for many years to come.

First To Market

MXI is first to market with healthy gourmet chocolate. This poses a serious advantage and given their proprietary process, this is a lead that is likely to grow over time.

MXI is setting the standard in a market niche that many experts believe will be a giant industry all on it's own. MXI is investing heavily in research and product development. They are already working on additional high-antioxidant products with the intention of providing the healthiest, best tasting health solutions available anywhere in the world.

Global Markets & International Expansion

global business

MXI's product line has world-wide appeal. MXI has already committed to international expansion. They have launched operations in Japan, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Sweden, South Africa and now parts of the EU.

As of 2009, MXI Xocai Chocolate began shipping to Hungary, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and Ireland. And that's just the beginning ...

MXI's business structure and team-building philosophy, makes it possible for you to personally profit from growth in international markets even if you don't personally know anyone outside your own hometown.

Lucrative Pay Plan

compensation plan

The MXI Pay Plan is an advanced hybrid plan that allows new people to start making money almost instantly while at the same time allowing top producers to build million dollar passive incomes.

Be sure to look over the MXI Xocai Associate Reward Programs thatare available to all qualifying Associates. It takes the best team-building incentives and adds to it personal incentives and rewards that rival any in the marketplace. MXI guarantees to pay out up to 50% of commissionable volume in their pay plan.

Watch - Compensation Plan Video

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of the requirements and system.

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