How to Have a Website
and Create an Online Home Business?

how to have a website

Wondering on how to have a website? Have you heard about the WordPress? hosts 35 million websites. That is half of all of the sites in the world that use WordPress software.

322,000,000 people (WordPress proudly announces) visit those sites monthly. Impressive?

WordPress seems to think so.

But do the math ...

That averages to 9 visitors per month, per site (including Mom!).

How does SBI! compare?

The average SBI! site generates 6,400 visitors/month.

Our tens of thousands of sites amount to approximately 1/1,000th of the number of sites hosted by That's only 1/10th of 1% of WordPress-hosted ("WP") sites.

But each averages 700 times more visitors per month.

For those who "see" numbers better, the image on the right shows you what that 700 to 1 ratio looks like.

Now Let's Consider What That Means ...

After 1 month... 6,400 visitors vs 9 visitors

After 2 months... 12,800 visitors vs 18 visitors

After 3 months... 19,200 visitors vs 27 visitors

After 6 months... 38,400 visitors vs 54 visitors

After 12 months... 76,800 visitors vs 108 visitors

Think about it... Every time one person visits a WP site, 700 visit a competing SBI! site.

In fact, SBI!'s traffic stats are better than that because average monthly traffic increases from month-to-month...

The average monthly visits to SBI! sites has increased from 3,300 visits in Feb, 2010 to 9,400 visits in November, 2011. That's an increase of 2.8 times. On average, 6,400 visitors made 9,400 visits to each SBI! site in November, 2011.

And it gets even better ...

The average SBI! website that is over 1 year old and that has over 100 pages attracts... are you ready?...

19,700 visitors per month. That's more than triple SBI!'s overall average. Work and be rewarded.

Why is traffic so important?

Traffic Means Income

When you're building an online business, traffic is your lifeblood.

The more traffic you receive, the more income you earn, whether you're selling ads or aardvarks.

Even if you're simply building a non-profit hobby site, you're doing it because you want lots of people with the same passion to read your thoughts, ideas, and discoveries.

Otherwise, what's the point?

Do the math...

A 700-fold increase in traffic, all else being equal, means 700 times more income.

Given the only results that really count, please consider ...

What Do You Think ... how to have a Website
and your Online Business?

WordPress is basically of no value to the average person who wants to build an e-business. Due to all its holes as a business-builder, you have to build an entire business-building system that builds an online business.

It takes too much time and money to figure out the perfect combination of process, tools, constant updating/upgrading of everything, and personal guidance you can trust. That is harder to do than actually building your e-business...

• You will almost surely make mistakes along the way (and there is no room for mistakes).

• You will miss key steps that doom you before you write you first word of content.

• And you will almost certainly be misled by some bad information and poor tools, even get fooled by Get Rich Quick schemes or a variety of tricky strategies that either don't work or that Google will shut down (it always has).

how to have a website

It's hard enough to build a business online. How to have a website and not to make it a whole lot harder and more expensive. With Solo Build It!, you start with everything you need.
The right approach is obvious ...

Your business future is calling.

Build much more than a website or blog. Build an e-business that works.

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