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Network Marketing and Home Business

Network Marketing or Relationship Marketing is one of the two most powerful economic trends of today. It is being labeled the "real estate of the 21st century". Not only is it legal in every sense of the word, it is also highly ethical. Relationship marketing is growing in prominence. (However, be wary of the few illegal pyramid schemes that tend to originate from time to time.)

Two highly respected professionals, Dr. Charles King and James Robinson have co-authored a book "The New Professionals - The Rise of Network Marketing as the Next Major Profession", which provides valuable insights to this industry. Dr. King is professor of Marketing at the University of Illinois and Mr. Robinson is former Senior Vice-President of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and currently Senior Advisor to the president.

According to author, Richard Poe, "Network marketing's time has come and there is nothing any of us can do to alter the course of history. Network marketing may prove to be one of the avenues to personal success left open once the turbulent economics of the 1990s have run their course. In market after market, network marketers are taking the Fortune 500 companies head-on. There's no better way to get your product right in the consumer's face. It has entered its third or mature wave of evolution, and is now being used by companies such as Coca-Cola, Gillette, Colgate-Palmolive, and AT&T, to name a few."

The network/relationship marketing industry is also set for explosive growth.

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Why is it set for explosive growth?

It is in its fourth wave of evolution and is now recognized as one of the most effective and most powerful marketing systems in the world. More and more companies are now turning to network marketing as a key means of distributing their products. Almost every one of us will be involved in this industry in one way or another - whether we like it or not. According to Inc Magazine "soon you will be networking, or you will be not working".

The other most powerful economic trend that of Health & Nutrition. When you find the right company with high integrity products network marketing can be a fantastic vehicle for you to achieve whatever it is that you want.

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