Cant find a job?
The Best Internet Business is Staring You in the Face

The best internet business will be owned by you! It will be your business and therefore you will not have to depend on someone else. It will not be a "get rich quick scheme" however it will be a get rich slowly scheme. It will give you the freedom and flexibility to live your life as you wish. When you are following your own life goals you are much happier which will effect how your body functions in a positive way. Too many people today are just existing!

The biggest mistake people make in life is not making a living at doing what they most enjoy. - Malcolm S. Forbes (1919-1990)

The best internet business will incorporate the following ideals

- you will own your business and will be extremely passionate about it.... you will want to leap out of bed in the morning to work.... although it will definitely not feel like work!

- the best internet business will give you freedom to work and take quality time off with family and other pursuits when you want.

- the best internet business will allow you to make enough money not to have to do 'regular' work and indeed one that will grow into a huge income generator over time.

- a business where people come to you rather than you having to advertise with the associated costs...this is very important...most internet businesses rely on paid traffic in one form or another!

- the best internet business will have an easy to follow step by step guide with good support if required

- it will be low cost and have a huge range of tools in with the price - no extra costs!

- it will have been around for a number of years, testament to its quality and excellent track record including satisfied business owners who are contactable!

Introducing some sample pages

OK, now I have hopefully got your attention, the next bit should be lots of fun!

What is your business going to be about?

Everybody knows something about something. Make a list of everything you can do, not necessarily what you think you're good at, but what you get excited about.

What are your strong points?

Did you experience an extremely stressful incident and eventually found solutions?

Finding solutions to problems is one of the best internet business ideas you can come up with.

List down any health, emotional, financial issues you solved.

Don't think "oh somebody has done that before" They may have but not with your unique experiences, incites or angle!

Remember when people are using the internet they are not window shopping as they would on the High street. They are looking for information. You are going to provide this information from your own unique perspective. And if you get stuck on a particular issue then you can always use the internet to find more information to help your creative juices.

best internet business

Why do people not start their own on line business?

People don't start their own online businesses because of the fear of failure (that's 99% of people by the way).

This fear comes in all shapes and sizes....for example,

- I can't afford it.....not applicable in this case, it costs less than $1 per day, actually only $299 per year...oh and by the way that's for everything;

- what will my business be about, I don't know a lot about anything. You are wrong! You just need to relax and dream a little;

- I dont know anything about the internet. You don't need to...all technical issues are dealt with for you which leaves you to concentrate on the step by step instructions in the 10 day action guide;

- poor self-image.... "Our self-image prescribes the limits for the accomplishment of any particular goals. It prescribes the area of the possible." Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz;

Many of us have a poor self image...your life has to be consistent with your self image. Change your self image and you change your life. Everyone has the potential to run their own business but only if they believe they can!!!

It's your future, what are you going to do with it?

I wish you every success!!

Bob Proctor is one of the most sought-after speakers in the world for professional coaching and corporate seminars. A primary teacher in the wildly popular film, The Secret, Bob is an elite master in consulting individuals and businesses into greater success, consistent wealth and rapid, forward-moving change.

Bob’s most recent success, The Bob Proctor Matrixx , offers one-on-one teaching and consulting to individuals who are prepared to move their lives forward at an accelerated rate.

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