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The Beyond The Secret movie came out in June 2009 and met with great success. The goal of this 70 minute film was to reiterate the information provided in the hit movie The Secret and take it to the next level.

Holli Walker is the creator of the Beyond the Secret movie. Walker is a life coach and also hosts her own radio program. She wanted to take what she had learned about the Law of Attraction and share it with the world.

When the movie and book The Secret were released in 2006, they met with international acclaim.

The Secret explains the Law of Attraction and offers techniques in order to help people to apply it to their lives in a positive manner. Although undoubtedly the movie The Secret assisted a great many people to achieve their goals, others felt as though they needed more help.

They loved the movie, but they couldn't get the Law of Attraction to work on their behalf. The Beyond the Secret movie intended to assist those who were struggling to get the results they want in their lives.

In addition to interviews with experts, the Beyond the Secret movie portrays stories of people who have seen their lives changed due to the Law of Attraction. Walker spent years researching her subjects and also interviewing experts on the Law of Attraction.

The Beyond the Secret movie stars include Bob Proctor, Marcia Wieder, Christian Simpson, and Holli Walker. Fans of the Secret will instantly recognize the name Bob Proctor.

In the Beyond the Secret movie, Proctor offers even more valuable information geared to help people find success in their lives. As Bob Proctor stated, "There are many people working hand, and they are taking action, but they aren't seeing results."

Bob Proctor is considered to be one of the best speakers about creating wealth. His insights in the Beyond the Secret movie are truly revolutionary.

One of the key premises in the Beyond the Secret movie is that you need to take action.

This new DVD gives you concrete information how you can successfully use action steps in your life.

The thoughts that you generate combined with emotion will have a powerful result on your life. For example, if you are holding on to negative thought patterns from the past, you will soon see that you have created more of those types of unwanted events and outcomes in your life.

So what was the catalyst that inspired Holli Walker to make the Beyond the Secret movie? And how is it different from The Secret? In a recent interview, Holli stated, "I love The Secret and I give it much credit for the transformation in my own life. I feel this isn't a comparison to the secret. I feel this is more steps and a different way of looking at the same message. It puts it in a very down to earth understandable way."

The DVD also seeks to help people who are struggling with current issues due to the economy.

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