Tomato and It's Juice Powerful Antioxidants with Carotenoids

One medium tomato contains 1.05 grams of protein and 1.35 grams of fiber. This small red fruit contains carotenoids which are one of the most powerful antioxidants. The bright red carotenoid is call lycopene. Lycopene is not yet considered an essential nutrient but is found in almost all diets world wide.

In a recent research paper the tomato has been said to contain thousands of chemical nutrients most are un-researched. All the research has been done on lycopene. However it has been shown recently that nutrient chemicals work together and it is this synergy that cures disease. It was definitely shown at the University of Illinois that tomatoes and broccoli when eaten together reduces cancer tumors in rats much more than each of the vegetables alone or lycopene alone. Food cures disease.


This red fruit is not just a provider of antioxidants but has a good variety of vitamins and minerals. The mineral content of any vegetable or fruit should be used as a guideline. Every fruit plant that would be tested would contain different amounts depending on the soil conditions where the fruit was grown. Minerals are essential to human metabolism and that is why all good whole food supplements should contain a good amount of minerals.

The average tomato contains the following vitamins and minerals. If possible eat organic it has been shown to contain as much as 40% more nutrients per gram.

• Potassium 396.7 mg

• Phosphorus 62.7 mg

• Magnesium 22.8 mg

• Calcium 31.9 mg

• Sodium- 11.4 mg

• Iron 0.51 mg

• Selenium - 0.8 mg

• Also contains trace amounts of manganese, copper and zinc

• Vitamin A- 2364 IU

• Vitamin C- 25 mg

• Foliate - 46 mcg

• Niacin- 0.94 mg

• Vitamin B6-1mg

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