The Whole Story – Product Enhancements

MXI Corp is proud to announce the beginning of the 3rd generation Xocai products - The Whole Story!

The first product that has been reformulated is the X Power Squares™. As of March 10, 2010 we began shipping the first cases of X Power Squares™ in the new packaging.

Recently a gentleman whose company promotes ORAC testing told us that the Xocai products are the “Cadillac” in the ORAC world. He stated that more people call him with questions about the Xocai products than any other products in the marketplace. This is a great compliment, not only to our products, but also to our Distributors who are telling the Xocai story, not only in the United States, but internationally!

We’re sure most of you are familiar with the late Paul Harvey, the great news commentator. Paul was famous for telling a news story and then following up with “the rest of the story." Well, MXI Corp has been sharing the news about the high ORAC values of the Xocai products for about four and a half years, and now, we are ready to tell the world “the rest of the whole story!”

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Brunswick Laboratories recently developed the “Total ORACFN” testing for all five of the major free radicals found in the human body. The “fn” stands for “food and nutrition." When we found out about this new testing, we immediately inquired about the cost and the time required for completing the testing. We were told that it would take two weeks to complete the testing and the cost would be $5,000. So, we got our samples together and sent them off to Brunswick Labs. We had no idea what the results of the “Total ORACFN” testing would be, but we had total confidence that the Xocai X Power Squares™ would definitely make a good showing. Obviously, our confidence was rewarded. As shown in the chart below, the Total ORACFN score for the X Power Squares™ is 49464 for the daily recommended serving size of 3 squares (18g).

We have already reformulating and retesting all of the Xocai products. In the charts below, you can now see the results of the “Total ORACFN” testing for all 8 of the Xocai products. Between now and the International General Celebration 2010, we will be creating and introducing new packaging with the results of the Total ORACFN testing for each of the remaining 7 products.

Information on The Whole Story Tour in US and Canada in April-May 2010

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