The Science Behind Xocai Chocolate

The more scientific researchers are looking into chocolate and its complexities the more they are beginning to see why most people crave it and the direct affect it can have on our physical and emotional health.

Here are some pretty amazing health facts we are now discovering about chocolate …

* Raw Cacao is the world's richest source of antioxidants flavanoids, catechins and epicatechins

* Flavanoids are the same health compounds found in red wine and green tea and raw cacao has more of these compounds than both of them.

* Unprocessed cocoa powder has one of the highest known ORAC scores. It is also the only known food not to lose its ORAC over significant periods of time.

* Cacao beans contain over 300 chemically identifiable compounds making it one of the most complex food substances on Earth.

* Chocolate is the most craved food on the planet

* There are over 3,000 scientific studies documenting the health benefits of raw cacao and/or dark chocolate

* For centuries chocolate has been revered for its health properties. Today, science is validating why. Free radicals … and antioxidants what are they and how do they affect our health?

Simply put, free radicals are bad guys that destroy your body!

Our bodies are made up of cells which are composed of molecules. Molecules have at least one or more atoms of one or more elements that are joined by chemical bonds.

Free radicals are formed when weak bonds in atom molecules split. Free radicals are very unstable and will quickly react with other molecules by trying to capture a needed electron to gain stability. When a free radical captures an electron, the molecule that lost the electron then becomes a free radical which starts a chain reaction which will generally cascade into the disruption of the entire cell.

The body can normally handle free radicals and will even create them to attack viruses and bacteria. However, outside factors like pollution, cigarette smoke, radiation (sunlight), etc will also create free radicals which can attack the body. These free radicals can cause damage to cell walls, certain cell structures, and genetic material within the cells. In the worst case scenario and over a long time period, such damage can become irreversible and lead to disease.

Also, the more we age, the more free radicals we acquire and so that is why it becomes essential for us to consume antioxidants on a daily basis to help to neutralize these cell destroying free-radicals.

Is there a way to get the antioxidants into our bodies to protect it?

You will be happy and relieved to know that there is!

There are various ways to get these life-saving and healing antioxidants into our bodies through various fruits and vegetables. However, most people, at least 90%, don't get enough of the fruits and vegetables with these antioxidants that they need on a daily basis.

Even though our body naturally produces antioxidants, as we get older this process begins to break down and we begin to produce less and less. Thus, we need to supplement our health with these much needed antioxidant protectors. Now we can with deliciously tasty Xocai healthy dark chocolate! This amazing dark chocolate contains more antioxidants per serving than any other product on the market, including various types of fruit and vegetables.

How can we tell how high a percentage of antioxidants is in a product?Through an objective scientific test that measures the potency and power of antioxidants from different sources. This test is known as an Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity score (ORAC). The test produces a number commonly known as an ORAC score. ORAC is an acronym for Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity. You score the same as when you went to school. The higher the score the better for you! In an ORAC test … the higher the score the more oxygen free radicals can be absorbed and neutralized.

What affects the results of an ORAC score is the product and the processing procedures, quantities and formulation of ingredients, etc. that are being tested.

To get an unbiased opinion Xoçai™ has gone to the expense of having each of their products independently tested by Brunswick Laboratories. After these tests were done, the scores were so high they are now proudly displayed on each of their products right on the package. We can see from the ORAC testing chart the various scores of some fruits and vegetables. Incredibly, the score that the Acai berry and unprocessed cacao had was higher than all the others; the very same ingredients that are predominantly found in the Xocai products!

However, this isn’t just due to the product in of itself, but it is also due to the proprietary way that Xocai produces the raw Belgian cacao. Through their unique process they have been able to retain the health benefits of the raw cacao while at the same time preserve the flavor of the delicious dark chocolate.

Something chocolate lovers and connoisseurs all around the world are very grateful for!

A lot of people like to comparison shop and most everyone loves to get the most value for their money … the same can be said of how we can get the most antioxidants for our body as well.

To have an idea of how our nuggets compare in antioxidant value with some fruits and vegetables take a look at the ORAC chart …

So, if you want to do your body good … just add three nuggets a day to help balance out your diet and antioxidants intake and see what a little healthy chocolate can do!

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