Xocai Quick Weight Loss Plan

On August 16th, MXI is going to introduce the most timely, unique product in its history.

It is a revolutionary, one of a kind, weight-loss product.

Xocai Quick Weight Loss Plan

With obesity at epidemic proportions and 2/3 of the population overweight (1/3 obese), MXI decided this is where they needed to focus their attention.

They decided to create a Wellness Division which would include a meal replacement bar, sugar-free milk chocolate and the best weight-loss program available today.

The weight-loss is a total meal replacement, high antioxidant, healthy chocolate shake with 21grams of protein, 8 grams of fiber, omega essential oils, 19 amino acids and an ORAC score of 55,000/ shake. This is equal to 100 cups of spinach or 54 cups of carrots.


Merely introducing it was not enough. They decided to test it with 50 overweight people in a controlled clinical with one of the top weight-loss Doctors in the country. The results are stunning.

You can follow these people at www.mxicorp.com/weightloss

MXI enjoyed a 20% growth this past year but this new program could very well take them into momentum. The Industry is prime for a new effective weight-loss program.


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