MXI Social Responsibility

Xocai Healthy Chocolate

Cacao Ingredient

- 100% ethically traded

- Purchased from Ivory Coast

- Cold-pressed to protect antioxidants

- Obtained from small, family-owned and operated farms

- No human exploitation

- Farmers provided with fair wages and humane workingconditions

- No pesticides used in the harvesting of our cacao beans

- Sustainable forest farmland growth

Acai Ingredient

- 100% ethically traded

- Purchased from co-operative farms

- Harvested by local communities from wild, uncultivatedareas

- Freeze-dried to protect the antioxidants

- Protected by the Rainforest canopy

- Slowing down the clear cutting of the Amazonian jungles

- Sustainable harvesting practices

Packaging Materials

- Renewable or “green” resources

- Certified by the three major environmental oversightorganizations (Triple Certification):

Forest Stewardship CouncilSustainable Forest InitiativeEndorsement of Forest Certification Schemes

- Future Xocai™ packaging will carry theseenvironmental endorsement certificationsfrom each applicable organization.

- Go Green!!!

MXI Business Practices

- No harmful ingredients

- No GMO ingredients

- Create awareness for our ethically-conscious customersand distributors

- Long-term Vision

- Network Marketing not Retail

- Products certified by Brunswick Labs

- Employee profit sharing program

- Goal to minimize our Global Footprint

Tree Planting Projects

- Plant 250,000 cacao trees in Africa

- Seedlings are being nurtured insmaller tree nurseries

- Rejuvenate the existing cocoa farms,resulting in greater yields and higherincome for the farmers

- Plant 10,000 crop and shade trees

- Increase biodiversity

- Increase cacao tree yield

- Supplement the dietary needs offarmers/families

Project with the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF)

- Improve the lives of cocoafarmers and families in Africa200,000 small, family-ownedcacao farms

- 1.4 million family members

- Goals double the farmersincome within 5 years

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