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The Independent - Cocoa 'could get rid of the West's top killer diseases'

The Independent - Chocolate is not naughty, it's nice to your heart

The Times - Curl up with a cocoa and keep a heart attack at bay

BBC News - Chocolate 'may cut diabetes risk'

The Daily Mail - Dark Chocolate Sales Double in Two Years

The Telegraph - Dark chocolate sales soar thanks to healthy image

The Denver Newspaper - Xocai: The Antioxidant Chocolate for Life!

Science Daily - Cocoa 'Vitamin' Health Benefits Could Outshine Penicillin

The Eagle-Tribune - New chocolate claims to be medical miracle

Cape Breton Post - Chocolate fix can be part of healthy lifestyle

Eyeweekly.com - Food of the gods Want to feel better? Eat more chocolate

The Harvard Crimson - Harvard Study Highlights Health Benefits of Chocolate


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Norma Miller Testimonial - Dystonia and Xocai's Healthy Chocolate

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