Founders of MXI

Andrew N. Brooks

Founder of MXI & Executive Vice President

Founder MXI A. Brooks

Andrew earned two Bachelor's degrees, one in Business Administration and another in Spanish, from the University of Calgary in Alberta Canada. While finishing up his education in Canada, Andrew became interested in the fields of diabetes and obesity. As a result, he founded and directed a health food distribution company in western Canada, which focused on the distribution of weight-loss products safe for diabetics throughout Canada.

Andrew was a Founder of Pure De-lite™ and served as its Vice President of Operations for six years managing and coordinating its operations. Over a six year period Pure De-lite™ achieved retail sales in excess of $300 million partnering with some of the largest retail companies in the world, such as Wal-mart®, Walgreens®, and GNC®.

As Founder and Executive Vice President of MXI Corp, Andrew has successfully implemented hundreds of product launches, created cutting-edge tools, facilitated international expansion, while continually incentivizing its Independent Associates worldwide.

Jeanette L. Brooks

Founder of MXI & President

Founder MXI J. Brooks

Jeanette earned her degree in Speech Pathology at Brigham Young University. She was later selected from candidates across the country for an internship with the Utah State Board of Education, while earning her Master’s degree in Educational Administration.

Jeanette spent eight years in education and served as a Speech Pathologist, an Aphasic Teacher, Easter Seals National Camp Director, and High School Administrator. She also owned and operated a Diagnostic School.

While working as a Teacher and Educational Administrator, Jeanette became involved in sales and network marketing. Her enthusiastic sales approach and results-oriented style of leadership led to her extraordinary success as an Associate, Manager, and eventually National Sales Trainer.

A firm believer in network marketing, Jeanette founded Yurika Foods Corporation, and, as Vice President of Sales and Marketing, directed the Company’s product development, sales, marketing, training, and production of publications and sales materials. Jeanette is recognized as a dynamic motivational speaker and was honored to be selected as a keynote speaker at Senator Campbell’s World Conference for Women.

Jeanette also founded and was Executive Vice President of Phoenix International Corporation. Jeanette’s ideas and creativity were key to the development of the Phoenix for Life weight-control products and the marketing materials. Jeanette also developed weight-loss products and set up clinical trials for Universal Health & Diet Products.

Prior to founding MXI Corp, Jeanette was the founder of Pure De-lite Products and served as its President for 6 years. Jeanette was the driving force behind the $300 million in retail sales achieved by Pure De-lite. And, she also played a critical role in the development of the Pure De-lite products, packaging designs, and marketing materials.

As Founder and President of MXI Corp, Jeanette’s network marketing and traditional business background and experience has played an invaluable role in the development of the Xoçai products and image, as well as the training and motivation of its Independent Associates and Field Leadership worldwide.

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