Easy chocolate fondue recipe

Easy Chocolate Fondue Recipe

An easy chocolate fondue recipe will insure that you have a delectable dessert to serve at your next gathering that's easy ... yet irresistible and delicious. Fondue has finally made a comeback, as most culinary fads eventually do, but this time with a bit of spark. Back in the seventies a party wasn't groovy unless a fondue pot was rolling. Nowadays, fondue fountains and fondue restaurants are all the rage but few people seem to be doing them at home, which is a shame considering how easy (and cheap) it is. Fondue gatherings are also a great chance to be interactive at the table and even those who don't cook can enjoy the simple play of dipping and eating.

Ingredients :

Chocolate Fondue for 6 persons :

500 grams (2.2 lb) black chocolate (over 56% cocoa) in small pieces

20 centiliters (7 fl oz) milk

40 centiliters (13 fl oz) liquid cream

1 small bag of vanilla flavored caster sugar

1/2 cup of strong (espresso)black coffee

100 grams (3.3 oz) butter


1. Put the chocolate into a salad bowl

2. Heat nearly to boiling point the milk with the cream and the vanilla sugar and pour on the chocolate

3. Stir well with a whip until the chocolate is melted and add the butter cut in small cubes and the coffee

4. Pour into the fondue pot put on the middle of the table (you will have lighted it)

You and your guests now just need to prepare sweet "kebabs" with the fondue forks and then dip them into the chocolate fondue : - cubes of fresh fruit (pineapple, apple, pear, banana (sprinkle them with lemon juice before making cubes to avoid blackening), fresh summer fruit (apricot, peach, melon, grape), fresh red fruit (the best for me : strawberry, blackberry, black currant ...), all presented in nice dishes on the table.

Easy chocolate fondue recipe in particular is laughably simple. Melted chocolate becomes the base for infinite varieties of dippables. Plus the chocolate can easily be flavored to perk the senses and create astounding flavors and variety. While great for a party, chocolate fondue is also the perfect way to end a romantic meal at home. The set up can be done way in advanced and the only thing you have to do later is turn on a little flame to get your own flame burning.

Using a fondue pot for this easy chocolate fondue recipe isn't mandatory, but it does make it easier and adds a certain sense of class. If you are using a regular pot, once the chocolate is melted put an oven mitt down on the table and place the pot on top and begin to dip. The chocolate may cool rather quickly if it is in a regular pot. However if you are using a fondue pot, with a little flame underneath it, the chocolate will keep nice and warm, and melted much longer.

As for what to dip feel free to pick and choose; many people enjoy baked goods such as brownies, pound cake, marshmallows, and the ever lovely ladyfinger. Fresh fruit such as strawberries, pears, or bananas are always romantic and a bit healthier. And as always dried fruit such as apricots or large chunks of candied ginger make for a nice set-up.

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