Dark Chocolate Cream


... with grilled and caramelized hazelnuts

Dark Chocolate Cream for 6 guests:

1 litre of whole milk

250 g of caster sugar

6 egg yolks

80 g of flour, sieved

1 vanilla pod

150 g of cocoa powder

100 g of shelled hazelnuts

24 finger-shaped biscuits


Preparing a "crème patisserie" (pastry cream):Put a spoonful of water in a saucepan so that the milk will not stick to the bottom of the pan, boil the milk with the vanilla pod cut in half. Keep a whisk at hand in order to keep the milk from spilling.During this time whisk the egg yolks and the sugar together until the mixture becomes a light yellow, then add the flour and mix well.When the milk starts to boil, remove the vanilla pod halves and pour 1/3 of the milk into the egg/sugar/flour mixture. Blend well using a whisk, put everything back in the saucepan, making sure you keep stirring. Bring the mixture to a boil and let it boil for 2 min. Remove from the heat and pour the cream into a large bowl.

Add the cocoa powder mixing properly until it is well blended. Crush the hazelnuts using the back of a pan. Grill these hazelnuts in a frying pan, using no fat. This will make them brown. You may then add 1 spoonful of sugar. Mix well until your hazelnuts have caramelized, then take them aside and separate them from each other.

Leave your chocolate cream to cool sprinkling some icing sugar over the top so that no crust will form.When the cream has cooled down, add the hazelnuts and mix slowly.


Sink the finger biscuits halfway into the cream all around the bowl. Each guest will take some (or a lot of) chocolate cream using a finger biscuit.

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