Chocolate and Acai: a potent antioxidant pair

Chocolate and Acai: a potent antioxidant pair. While chocolate is very much a know entity in the confectionary and candy worlds, its health benefits have long remained undiscovered. Now teamed up with acai, a super-berry from South America’s Amazonia, these two provide a powerful free-radical fighting punch that can protect from the effects of environmental toxins, contaminants in our food, air and water, and the overall process of premature aging. Numerous studies indicate that these two foods can provide avertable wall of protection from the ever-dangerous free radical molecule, which ultimately lowers the risk of dozens of diseases and increases the potential for longer and healthier living.

acai berry

In fact, the antioxidant capabilities of chocolate and acai have grabbed the attention of numerous research teams around the country. The antioxidant contents of both have been scrutinized, and continue to be the focus of a number of ongoing studies. Researchers have discovered that chocolate and acai are very high in several antioxidant compounds, including polyphenols, flavonoids, anthocyanins, and catechins.

In both fresh and dried produce tests, the performance of both cocoa/chocolate and acai berry were far better than mot of the other foods tested. The ORAC test shows that the freeze-dried acai and unprocessed cocoa, in particular, possess significant antioxidant potential. What does this mean for you? Both cocoa and acai, whether taken alone, or better yet synergistically combined in with other antioxidants in a concentrated liquid form, offer a powerful form of protection from free radical damage.

Antioxidant-Rich foods

Cocoa, unprocessed 26,000 (ORAC value per 100 grams)

Chocolate, dark 13,000

Acai berry, fresh 18,500

Acai freeze-dried powder 44,200-61,000

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