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My mother in law gave us a call that was hard for everyone involved. She called us and told us that she was being tested for breast cancer. This was particularly hard for my husband since it was his mother, but it was hard for me and our kids, too. I had never known anyone who had cancer before so I was a bit scared. I was the strong one, so I wanted to do all I could to help my family. I also wanted to do all I could to help my mother in law. She was lucky that she had a wonderful husband, my father in law, that would take good care of her, too.

My mother in law really liked her doctor. She was happy with the treatment plan he had come up with. She did not do a lot of research and I am sure she trusted her doctor, but I wanted to do some research and find out if there were any other options.

My mother in law had both of her breasts removed. She had her lymph nodes tested at this time. The surgery was particularly hard on her and I totally understood why it would after I talked to the doctor about what all it involved.

It did turn out that her cancer was farther along than they previously thought. It had moved into her lymph nodes and it was all a little scary. I was not sure what we were going to do now. I wanted her to trust her doctor and follow his orders, but I knew there were other options and I wanted to look into them.

One of the options I wanted to look at were the Cancer Centers of America. I looked online and read a lot of good things. They helped a lot of people fight cancer and win. I really hoped that my mother in law would at least consider Cancer Centers of America. It seemed like they really knew what they were doing. I printed off some information for her and asked her to read it. She did not really like getting on the computer so I figured having something on paper to read would be much better.

While she was healing, my mother in law started reading about Cancer Centers of America. She really liked the information that I shared with her. As a family, we all talked about possibly scheduling an appointment with them and seeing if there was anything that they could do for her. I was getting hopeful that she could beat the cancer.

Our appointment went great and Cancer Centers of America said they thought they could help. I was so happy to hear that and I knew everyone else was, too. My mother in law was not ready to give up her fight and I was so happy about that. I knew that the harder she fought, the more likely it was that she would beat it.

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