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Scientists have long known that the cacao bean contains a variety of compounds and nutrients that can benefit athletic performance. In fact, a recent study from Indiana University found that chocolate milk provided better recovery results for cyclists than did standard athletic carbohydrate drinks.

The Xocai Advantage

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Now, Xocai offers a variety of healthy chocolate products that only can benefit your overall health, but transform your fitness and athletic regimen as well.

As the leader in healthy chocolate, Xocai’s products are more unique than any available today. Its proprietary processing, which retains cacao’s powerful antioxidant properties and varied phytonutrients, is the basis of distinguished chocolate products that can increase energy levels, improve mental focus, accelerate post-exercise recovery and elevate your overall athletic performance.

6 Reasons Athletes Should Try Xocai Athletic Nutrition

1. Boosts Energy: Xocai’s unique formulation of cold-processed cacao, acai and blueberry deliver an array of energy-revving nutrients that result in an energy boost that is safe, effective and all- natural.

2. Accelerates Recovery: Research shows that dark chocolate possesses distinct anti-inflammatory properties. This means it can reduce the soreness and pain associated with athletic activity. Studies also show chocolate is more effective than popular sports drinks because it provides carbohydrates to replenish muscles.

3. Enhances Mental Activity: Xocai contains various nutrients (including theobromine, essential fats and amino acids) that improve mental consentration, focus and mental energy.

4. Suppresses Appetite: Studies also suggest that cacao can suppress appetite, making it conductive to achieving weight –loss goals.

5. Protects Cells: Xocai’s potent antioxidant abilities protect the body’s cells, tissues and organs. This allows the
body to function at its optimal capacity
for more intense training.

6. Remains Clean and Drug-Free: Xocai’s all- natural products do not contain any ingredients that are banned by the various anti-doping agencies and major athletic organizations.

Can Xocai Athletic Nutrition really help you?

Read on to discover how athletes like yourself have discovered the benefits of healthy chocolate in their various athletic activities and competition.

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