acai berry juice benefits

What are the acai berry juice benefits?

There are numerous acai berry juice benefits. Except juice form, it is widely consumed in the form of smoothies, sodas, tablets, dry powder and also as whole fruit. The true, pure versions have proven to be very beneficial. Many claims include:

• Improvement of mental clarity
• Ability to fight heart and vascular diseases because of the antioxidant value
• An improvement of digestion
• Ability to cleanse and detoxify your body
• Increase of sexual ability/function
• Lower cholesterol levels
• Bone strengthening abilities
• Improved blood circulation
• The ability to fight free radicals
Weight loss
• Increased energy
• Promotes healthy looking skin
• Vision improvement
• Combats premature aging

Juice blend studies

Various studies have been conducted that analyze the antioxidant capacity of acai berry juice benefits to pure fruit juices or fruit pulp. Acai juice blends contain an undisclosed percentage of acai.

When three commercially available juice mixes containing unspecified percentages of acai juice were compared for in vitro antioxidant capacity against red wine, tea, six types of pure fruit juice, and pomegranate juice, the average antioxidant capacity was ranked lower than that of pomegranate juice, Concord grape juice, blueberry juice, and red wine. The average was roughly equivalent to that of black cherry or cranberry juice, and was higher than that of orange juice, apple juice, and tea.

A study in 12 healthy fasted human volunteers demonstrated that blood antioxidant capacity was increased within two hours after consumption of a commercial acai juice beverage or applesauce, but did not investigate any physiological effect of these supposed antioxidants. The generation of reactive oxygen species was not significantly affected by acai juice consumption.

Quackwatch noted that "acai juice has only middling levels of antioxidants—less than that of Concord grape, blueberry, and black cherry juices, but more than cranberry, orange, and apple juices." The extent to which polyphenols as dietary antioxidants may promote health is unknown as no credible evidence indicates any antioxidant role for polyphenols in vivo, In minute concentrations, polyphenols may affect cell-to-cell signaling, receptor sensitivity, inflammatory enzyme activity or gene regulation.

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