Valentine gift for her

Perfect Valentine Gift for Her

Although we firmly believe you should show it and make everyday a lovely day this is one day where everyone agrees with us so be sure to go all out for it. Valentine' Day is a revival of the feelings of tenderness and romance and what you decide to give today will be a symbol of how you feel about your significant other. Be sure to please your sweetheart's heart and you will win over his/her heart in due time!

Chocolate is the unspoken language of love. From the heady blend of classic romance, passion and intrigue of the 'Sealed with a Kiss selection', to the irresistible gift bag of goodies that is the 'Be Mine Concierge Bag!' You will find the perfect Valentine gift for her to tell exactly how you feel:

Love Notes
love notes Discover the heart fluttering excitement of romantic love notes hidden away amongst irresistible chocolate hearts. Feel your heart skip a beat as you discover 12 irresistible chocolate hearts and uncover our romantic hidden messages – including smooth truffles with mellow vanilla and raspberry, comforting chocolate brownie and velvety praline, strawberry & black pepper, ...

The Love Selection
the love selection An irresistible array of loved-up recipes with something to tickle absolutely everyone’s fancy – including luscious truffles with Champagne and cherry, fruity little numbers with blackcurrant and strawberry, dreamy liquid caramels, stunning hearts, luscious lips and much more...

Smooth, SEDUCTIVE and utterly devoted to LOVE!

Head over Heels
head over heels Just loosen the ribbon and let the true romance begin because there’s something for everyone to fall in love with inside – from silky soft truffles with champagne, mouth warming amaretto and fruity raspberry, to melt-away praline and mellow milk chocolate mousse.

Sealed with a Kiss
sealed with a kiss Our most glamorous collection for Valentine’s Day specially selected for those hopelessly and deliciously head over heels - with irresistible liquid caramels, melting pralines and ravishing truffles in beautiful hearts, passionate lips and more ...

Do something rare and you'll be appreciated by your significant other. In fact it's the one day your expected to do something exclusive so why not let us help you make that happen. Because what's the point in picking up a greeting card from your local supermarket on your way home. That's not going to score any points, that's for sure!

When you choose Luxury Chocolate gifts from Hotel Chocolat you get breathtaking packaging designed specifically to be the perfect Valentine gift for Her!

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