Buy Dark Chocolate,
Gain Huge Rewards

When you buy dark chocolate, you may not do so with health benefits in mind.

That said, there are a variety of rewards which come from eating dark chocolate beyond its rich taste and amazing smoothness.

This page will help you get the most out of eating tempting dark chocolate.

Buy Dark Chocolate

Choose to buy dark chocolate with at least 65% cocoa. You can find chocolates which go as high as 90%, but the higher you go, the more likely it is you won't want to eat the chocolate on its own. Use higher levels of cocoa for cooking, baking or chilled desserts so that they aren't so overwhelming.

Like everything else, dark chocolate is best eaten in moderation. While it does have its own health perks, it also has ingredients which aren't necessarily good for you, like fat and sugar.

Eat one square per day, or include small amounts in other foods. All you need is one taste to enjoy it, so don't overdo it.

You can include dark chocolate in your meals, but only if you are choosing other healthy foods.

Fill your plate with vegetables, lean proteins, legumes, whole grains and fruit, then have a piece of chocolate as a treat. Don't eat more than 1 ounce or 30 grams of dark chocolate per day.

When you include dark chocolate in your diet, compensate by reducing your calories elsewhere. For example, skip the mayo on your sandwich and then reward yourself after you eat with a piece of chocolate. You should build this treat into your meal plans, not as an additional glut of calories.

If you can't cut anything out of your diet, include more exercise in your day to balance things out. For example, going for a two mile walk can burn off the calories you consume from a single piece of chocolate. If you plan to have a decadent treat after dinner, go for a nice walk or get some other exercise to negate its impact.

Nuts are full of fiber and protein and pair beautifully with dark chocolate. Be sure to buy your own nuts as you never know what ingredients lurk in products you buy at the store, like massive amounts of sodium. Buy some natural, unsalted almonds and eat them along with your piece of chocolate. You could also enjoy some raisins or dried apricots as both go beautifully with chocolate. If you plan to have dried fruit with your chocolate, be sure to factor those calories in. You will likely have to cut your chocolate in half to make up for the additional sugar you get from the fruit you eat along with it.

With these tips in mind, you should be more confident next time you buy dark chocolate. You will understand what to look for and what will benefit you the most. Whether you melt it into a sauce or include it in ice cream, you will not only get a heavenly treat, but a health boost, too!

Dark Chocolate

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